Research info is run by Dr Deborah Harvey. Deborah has a PhD on the Biology and Ecology of the stag beetle from Royal Holloway, University of London. Since completing her PhD in 2006, she has continued to work at RHUL, under the supervision of Professor Alan Gange, undertaking further studies on the stag beetle as well as a variety of other dead wood invertebrates including the noble chafer, the variable chafer, the bee chafer, the rusty click beetle and the violet click beetle.

Current research projects and collaborations related to the stag beetle and other conservation status saproxylic coleopterans include work on:

  • Chemoecology: volatiles produced by saproxylic larvae and beetles with Dr Paul Finch at RHUL
  • Volatile production in adult beetles: Dr Mike Birkett and Dr Jozsef Vuts at IACR Rothamsted and Associate Professor Mattias Larsson at SLU , Sweden
  • Acoustics: with Dr Dave Chesmore at York University to detect sounds made by larvae below ground

She is the founder of the European stag beetle workers group which brings together some 40 researchers and entomologists from across the entire of Europe. If you would like more information about this group, or if you are interested in becoming a member please fill in the contact form below.

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All photography is by William Harvey. If you would like to use any of the images you can see on the site please visit his website.