Educational Resources

Royal Society Partnership Grants

We have worked with the Royal Society to achieve a number of Partnership Grants with local schools for stag beetle projects.  Click here for an example of a grant received by Herries School in Cookham Dean, Berkshire.  You can obtain funding for practical projects such as the building of log piles to encourage stag beetles and other dead wood-feeding insects.  These can be a great educational resource and used as outdoor classrooms.


Learning Resources

The booklet you see below is just a single element of a range of educational resources we have created to help children learn more about the stag beetle. During the development process we worked closely with teachers to ensure that the resources are both interesting and relevant to children. The resources are primarily intended for KS2 pupils and link into section 5 of the National Curriculum (“Living things in their environment”) – helping children to learn about the adaptation of plants and animals to their habitat, and about ways in which living things and the environment need protection. You can also download a copy of our booklet from the PTES website.


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